Version 1


  • Added - A density slider has been added. Allowing for adjustment to density for most brush types.
  • Added - New Brush Load icon added.
  • Added - 5 selectable palette hue ranges.
  • Improved - Number of undo steps increased to 20.
  • Changed - Brush loading now occurs explicitly rather then implicitly. Accomplished with new load brush icon.
  • Changed - Color selection has been signicantly expanded to include full hue range.
  • Fixed - In some cases when starting a new stroke the previous stroke would draw one more dab.
  • Fixed - A single tap would not always draw a dab.



  • Improved - The small line brush type has been improved.



  • Added - Brush Preview.
  • Improved - Saved brushes now also save the saturation, luminance, opacity and size of the brush.
  • Improved - Download size further reduced.



  • Added - Two new brush types added.
  • Improved - Two of the brush types had the jitter reduced to keep the dab size normalized to allow better combinations.
  • Changed - Swapped position of color dabs and brush type dabs.
  • Fixed - It was possible to selected many of the icons when it was not intended by ending a paint stroke over an icon.
  • Fixed - The bottom row of the Brush Save slots were conflicting with the row above it.



  • Added - Luminance control for all colors of the currenly loaded brush.
  • Added - Saturation control for all colors of the currently loaded brush.
  • Added - 2 additional core brush types added.
  • Improved - Compatibiliy with Internet Explorer had been improved.
  • Improved - The page related icons have been moved to the left hand side of the workspace, giving larger targer areas to tapping and allowing for logical grouping.
  • Improved - The control icon look was updated for the size and opacity sliders.
  • Improved - Internal update to allow for brush types to have a dab step value.
  • Improved - Internally opacity is now tied to the brush type so that when combining brushes the opacity is normalized between the brush types.
  • Fixed - Tapping on the canvas without a brush / color selected would save an undo for that when if should not.
  • Fixed - On some Android devices in some cases a touch of the icons was being triggered twice.



  • Added - Seven new brush types added greatly increasing the variety of strokes possible.
  • Improved - Directional brushes are cleaner at the start of the stroke.
  • Improved - Separation of colors from brush types to allow for more brush types.
  • Improved - Indicator shown for the currently selected brush type and colors.
  • Improved - Further improvements to performance.
  • Improved - Download size is smaller resulting in faster initial start times.
  • Improved - The saved brushes now show actual strokes.
  • Improved - Increased the range of opacity for strokes.
  • Changed - Removed the special Dab Mode icon. Not longer needed.
  • Fixed - Selecting the smallest brush size would not drawing anything.
  • Fixed - Selecting the lowest opacity resulted in nothing being visible.



  • Added - Mirrored drawing. Horizontal, Vertical or Horizontal/Vertical
  • Improved - Significant performance improvements resulting in smoother strokes
  • Improved - Don't reshow the Splash screen during the browser session when reloading the page.
  • Improved - Right justify the dynamic scrolling help text.
  • Changed - In the Ad based version make use of the browser page Reload (refresh) to clear the canvas.



  • Added - Saving and Loading restore point.
  • Added - Floating canvas
  • Added - Canvas Rotation feature
  • Added - Canvas Pan feature
  • Added - Canvas Center feature
  • Added - Outline style brushes added
  • Added - Ability to override the default dab mode style.
  • Floating notification text for some actions.
  • Improved - Timestamp the file name.
  • Improved - Some visual improvement such as fading some elements that are being removed.
  • Arranged right side panel to make room for more control icons.
  • Changed - Combined the Help and Web icons into one function. Help will now load the Alla Prima Paint web page where the forum and help links can be found.
  • Fixed - When clearing the page the undo state was not properly safed.



  • Added - New pastel style brushes.



  • First Version