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TwistedBrush Lua Filter User Interface Directives

Within a comment in the Lua script a directive can be defined for creating up to 6 user slider controls and up to 6 check box controls that appear within the TwistedBrush Filter dialog. This allows users to dynamically adjust values in the script without ever needing to look at a script. In addition this also allows for the filters to be recorded like all the other filters in TwistedBrush. The format of this directives are:

--@TBCONFIG VARIANT: name, default value
--@TBCONFIG SLIDER: name, default value
--@TBCONFIG SLIDERV2: name, value, start range, end range, increment, decimal places, units
--@TBCONFIG FLAG: name, default value
--@TBCONFIG STYLE: name, default index, choice1, choice2, ... choice20
--@TBCONFIG INFO: message for the info box.

Example of the user interface directives

Example of the user interface directives

For example these three lines in a script will define three sliders Red, Green and Blue with values of a middle gray.

--@TBCONFIG SLIDER: Green, 50.0
--@TBCONFIG SLIDER: Blue, 50.0

Above is the Filter dialog that shows the sliders that will be created based on the directives. However, the sample image shows values of 100.0 for each rather than the default shown above (it's a screen shot from a different example)