Each Studio product contains a number of collections of brushes called ArtSets. Each ArtSet contains 60 brush slots. The ArtSets vary for each Studio program depending on its focus.

Brush Shortcuts Panel

The Brush Shortcuts Panel contains 16 most used brushes for each program. They can be easily changed.

1. To replace a brush from the Brush Shortcuts Panel with another brush from the same ArtSet, click with the mouse over it. 

2. A dialog box appears. Click on the brush you would like to use, and it will become selected.

Note: Unlike TwistedBrush Pro Studio, if you change the parameters of a brush in the Brush Shrotcuts Panel, the changes won't be remembered and if you want to save these settings for further use, you will need to save the new brush to an User ArtSet.


1. Right-click on any brush in the Brush Shortcuts Panel to open the ArtSet menu. The list consists of a number of different collections with brushes and 5 User ArtSets, each containing 60 empty brush slots where you can save your custom-made brushes.

2. Left-click on an ArtSet to open it. The Select Brush dialog appear.

3. Left-click on a brush to select it.