Applying a filter to a part of an object (layer)

Sometimes you will need to apply a filter to just a part of your image or layer. There are two easy ways to do this in TwistedBrush Pro Studio: by applying a mask or by using a filter brush.

Applying a filter to a part of an object (layer) by using a mask

Here we have an image of a butterfly and flowers. We will apply a filter only to the butterfly and keep the rest of the image unchanged.

1. Select the Polygon Mask Tool and draw a mask around the butterfly. When ready, click the Done button.

2. Select the Invert Mask option from the Mask menu. Now all changes that we make will be applied only to the unmasked area, in our case - the butterfly.

3. Select any filter from the menu Filter. We will apply the Color Pencil filter from the Artistic Filters collection.

4. Set the values and click Apply.

5. Select Mask - Clear Mask to remove the mask.

Here is the result:

Applying a filter to a part of an object (layer) by using image filter brushes

1. The same image with the butterfly is open.

2. Select the Brush Tool.

3. Click on any brush slot in the Brush Shortcut Panel to open the Select Brush dialog.

4. Find and select the Art Pro - Image Filters ArtSet.

5. Select the Pro Masked Image Filter brush (you can use a different filter brush if you prefer).

1. Select a brush shape. In this case we have selected Round: Hard Edge.

2. Select a filter from the second button. We have chosen the Color Pencil filter again. Note: With this brush, up to 5 filters can be applied at the same time.

3. Set the Contrast, Saturation and Mode.

4. When you are ready, click on the Set Brush Image Filter button.

1. Click and drag on the canvas. Since this is a masked image brush, you will see a mask on the place of the brush stroke.

2. When you release the mouse button, the mask will be replaced by the selected filter effect.