Version 4

4.9 - New brush set

  • Added - Complex Brush Set 1 - 60 new brushes!

4.8 - Performance

  • Added - Brush effect - Lineto (draws a line from dab to dab)
  • Improved - Drawn line smoothness.
  • Improved - Drawing performance.
  • Fixed - Brush effects Scatter2, Jitter2, Dropout, Dropout2, Dropout3 and Scrumble not working correctly when used in combination with the filter brush effect.

4.7 - Important fixes, new ArtSet and beginning stages of help

  • Added - Two Tone Sketching ArtSet.
  • Added - Start of the electronic help.
  • Fixed - The Distort Filters were broken in release 4.6 and accidentally assigned to the Page series of menu commands.
  • Fixed - Popup text "toogle" should be "Toggle".
  • Fixed - Crash case with mouse/stylus input buffer becoming empty.
  • Fixed - When updating a preset (right click on present while holding shift) preserve the color only and brush only flags.

4.6 - Copy and paste for grid cells and some fixes.

  • Added - Copy Grid Cell tool to copy to clipboard a part of the image.
  • Added - Paste Grid Cell tool to paste from clipboard into a part of the image.
  • Added - Link to the ArtSet brush catalog online. A swatch for each brush included with TwistedBrush.
  • Added - Menu Page | Resize to Previous Page Size. Sets current page to that of the previous page size in the book.
  • Improved - Some areas for robustness to recover more gracefully from errors.
  • Fixed - Crash on script playback if paper is smaller than size used when recorded and flood fill or mask wand is used.
  • Fixed - Page was been flagged as changed when a Copy was done. This is unneeded.
  • Fixed - Rare memory leak on the clipboard copy function.

4.5 - Mask Improvements

  • Added - Save program environment when autosaving.
  • Added - Preferences option (found under Edit menu)
  • Added - Preference for auto save frequency
  • Added - Unmask Grid Cell tool. Assignable to the right mouse button.
  • Enhanced - The Clear brush effect now honors the mask.
  • Changed - The default autosave frequency to once every 120 seconds.
  • Fixed - Masks were not properly masking out all drawing and masking out some when they shouldn't (very small amounts).
  • Fixed - Mask tools - mask ellispe, mask rectangle and mask wand were saving undo info. they should not.
  • Fixed - Script recording of the Control Points tools was broken

4.4 - Custom color palette support.

  • Added - Custom color palette support. When adding a preset uncheck the "Save Brush Information" check box.
  • Added - Added to the Auto ArtSet feature the ability to save only the new color (used for creating color palettes)
  • Added - Allow use of mouse wheel to zoom in and zoom out.
  • Added - A Script (User) brush category for user created script brushes.
  • Fixed - Color picker tool selecting wrong color when in 16 bits per pixel (bpp) mode.
  • Fixed - Handful of fixes to the SpaceScape ArtSet.

4.3 - Script Brush Presets, SpaceScape ArtSet and numerous fixes.

  • Added - SpaceScape ArtSet - 60 brushes for building space scenes.
  • Added - Tight integration of script brushes with the standard brush selection and preset system. (Very Cool!)
  • Added - Brush Effect - Mask Paint. Allows creating a mask and painting at the same time.
  • Added - Brush Effect - Size Abs, Density Abs and Opacity Abs (set absolute values for these)
  • Added - Brush Effect - Gate and Draw gate. These limit the maximum number of dabs drawn in a stroke.
  • Added - Effect Swapping menus and hot keys, Under the Effect menu. An aid for building custom preset brushes.
  • Added - Brush Effect - Adv stroke - Advance the stroke dab count so that filter envelopes that use that can change within a dab.
  • Added - Brush Effect - Multi 1000 - For other effect "Multipler" has a range or 1 - 10 this have a range of 1 - 1000.
  • Improved - The Masking artset has been improved with new masking brushes.
  • Fixed - The "i" prefixed brush effect filters (iwave, isav, isprd, etc) were not working with mask brushes.
  • Fixed - All Size, Density and Opacity brush effects were not restoring the previous values after they completed.
  • Fixed - Incorrect text in a menu and alert prompt.
  • Fixed - When drawing the control points the guide lines did not have the correct colors to allow viewing in all cases.
  • Fixed - Made the Spike brush effect properly round rather than square.
  • Fixed - Script playback was broken in release 4.2 and would playback at the incorrect canvas location.
  • Fixed - Script playback of single dab stroke did not work.

4.2 - Script Brush and Inverted feathered brushes.

  • Added - Script Brush - powerful new feature to repeat a script relative to mouse click. Assignable to right mouse button.
  • Added - Base brushes - Cover : Coverage Feather 10 - 100 Invert
  • Added - Brush Effect - Color Surface (gets color from current drawing surface)
  • Added - Brush Effect - Color UnderLayer (gets color from current screen but not from the current stroke
  • Added - Brush Effect - Color History (gets color from previous screen, like if you hit undo)
  • Added - Brush Effect - Color Trace (pulls color from previous page. Trace mode must be on for this effect to work)

4.1 - More brush effects

  • Added - Brush Effect - Blend UnderLayer (pulls color from current screen but not from the current stroke)
  • Added - Brush Effect - Blend History (pulls color from previous screen, like if you hit undo)
  • Added - Brush Effect - Blend Trace (pulls color from previous page. Trace mode must be on for this effect to work)
  • Added - Tool for setting control points - Assignable to right mouse button. Used for some brush effects and brush filters
  • Added - Brush Effect Filter - cspdx and cspdy. Spreads the amount based on the x and y position respective in ralationship to the current control points
  • Fixed - Undo not enabled after a page is saved, included auto-saving!
  • Fixed - Line spacing on newly added effects incorrect. Effects Spikes, Tangle and Symbols, X, Crosshair, box, triangle and diamond

4.0 - 120 New Brushes, New Effects and Brush Selection improvements

  • Added - Brush Werks Art Set - A collection of 60 cool natural brushes
  • Added - Cover Collection Art Set - 60 brushes many geared towards creating background covers
  • Added - Select preset dialog.
  • Added - Brush Effect - Color1to4 and Color1to1 (for doing color ranges)
  • Added - Brush Effect - Scatter Page
  • Added - Brush Effect Filter - isprd2 - Interdab spread 2 (reverse from larger to smaller)
  • Added - Brush Effect - Spike (draws lines from dab center)
  • Added - Brush Effect - Tangle (draws random lines near dab center creating a tangled mess)
  • Added - Brush Effect - Symbols, X, Crosshair, box, triangle and diamond.
  • Improved - Brush Effect system performance further improved
  • Improved - General improvements to the infrastructure of the blend mode brush effects.
  • Fixed - Improper handling of interdab adjustments to density, alpha and size.
  • Fixed - Dynamic sized brushes not properly centered and could be cropped incorrectly.