Version 23


  • Improved - The Alpha Lum layer mode is more vibrant. Matches Luminance Studio.
  • Improved - Installer is signed for greater security.
  • Changed - License system changed.
  • Changed - Trial changed to a restricted image size model with no expiration.
  • Changed - In the Brush Select Dialog when in Edit mode after selecting Copy 
  • ArtSet To Shortcuts the dialog will exit.
  • Changed - Underlying tools migrated to current Windows.
  • Changed - Removed dependency on directplay, therefore legacy components don't need to be enabled for Windows 10.
  • Changed - Updated dialog sizes to account for modern Windows frame padding.
  • Fixed - Compatibility with Microsoft Input Panel has been resolved. Easier to run on tablet PCs now.
  • Fixed - Tool Select Quick Commands were not working.
  • Fixed - When switching applications at times the key selections where not cleared resulting in color picker actions when not intended.


  • Improved - Drawing tablet quality improvement to never automatically revert a stroke to compatibility mode!! Compatibility mode results in curved lines being much less smooth.
  • Changed - Drawing tablets are always treated as absolutely positioned even if set to relative in the tablet control panel


  • Added - Brush effect "Reload Shape" to allow for high quality shape rotation.
  • Added - Brush effect "VM Percentage 1000" to allow value modification up to 1000 percent.
  • Added - Move Page to Page 1 added as a menu item in Page Explorer.
  • Fixed - The Auto Paint Horizontal Lines and Vertical Lines filters were not drawing to the edge of the page.


  • Added - New ArtSet added. Art Pro : Screen Toning.
  • Added - Brush effects "Snap X" and "Snap Y" to snap dabs to an alignment.
  • Added - Brush effect "Bristle Uniform"
  • Changed - The Liquid Studio and Blob Studio brushes were updated to not default to Mirroring on.


  • Improved - Some perfoance improvement when moving pages in the Page Explorer
  • Improved - 4 additional backup versions of each page will now be saved. (.bak1, .bak2, .bak3 and .bak4). These are only
  • manually accessible from the Windows File Explorer.
  • Fixed - Using pen pressure to control size resulted in significant slowdown starting in 23.01.
  • Fixed - The space character was not working for text brushes
  • Fixed - Updated links in the Help menu for the new support center and forum



  • Added - New mode "Tracing Color" added to the Page menu. Powerful feature to auto select color from tracing layer.
  • Added - Quick command button added for Tracing Color mode.
  • Improved - Lines are subpixel centered to allow for more consistent results.
  • Changed - Tracing mode now shows the traced image at 25% rather than 50%.
  • Fixed - The visible page size was not correct when zoomed in and snap to grid was on.
  • Revert - The fix "For non-combo brushes effects with a Brush Control don't allow the Freq to be set above 9." is reverted.



  • Added - The full collection of brushes from Paint Studio. 120+ brushes in 17 ArtSets.
  • Added - The Full collection of brushes from Tree Studio. 80+ brushes in 5 ArtSets.
  • Added - the Full collection of brushes from Liquid Studio. 50+ brushes in 3 ArtSets.
  • Added - The full collection of brushes from Blob Studio. 200+ brushes in 6 ArtSets.
  • Added - New ArtSet Pro Alpha Lum with 18 brushes for painting light on dark techniques.
  • Added - Tools now show unique cursors when selected.
  • Added - Brush Effect "Flt Lum To Alpha".
  • Added - Filter "Auto Tile" added to the Generate category of filters.
  • Added - Filter "Auto Mirror" added to the Generate category of filters.
  • Added - A new layer mode (Alpha Lum Highlight) has been added.
  • Added - A new layer brush effect added (lay lum highlight).
  • Added - New brush effect "Alpha Lum Mode" added.
  • Added - New brush effect "Retard Stroke" added. Value is the percentage of full stroke to advance.
  • Improved - Removed the Constrast slider from the Paper Select dialog.
  • Improved - Default values for Paper have been updated for better general usage.
  • Improved - Color adjustment sliders were update to not hide the value readouts.
  • Improved - For modal dialogs pressing Enter while in a text entry field will result in the Ok button.
  • Improved - For modal dialogs pressing Esc while in a text entry field will result in the Cancel button.
  • Improved - The Enter key will be used to trigger the Apply button when entering values for the Drawing Guides tool.
  • Improved - Hide Freq and Amp for brush effects "Mirror h", "Mirror v", "Mirror o" and "Mirror hv".
  • Improved - Blob painting system improved to match what was implemented in Blob Studio.
  • Changed - Reduced time threshold for non-dynamic tool shortcut key press to 220 millisec.
  • Fixed - Drawing a single dab at position 0,0 was not working.
  • Fixed - Having commas in the Brush Control description results in an incorrect export.
  • Fixed - For non-combo brushes effects with a Brush Control don't allow the Freq to be set above 9.