Brush Effects Panel

The Brush Effects Panel is the heart of what makes brushes unique in TwistedBrush Pro Studio.

  1. The Core brush type is selected from this drop down.
  2. The core brush variation is selected from this drop down.
  3. The Status column allows for quickly turning an effect off or on with a single click. Green means it is enable and red it is disabled.
  4. The brush effect column is the primary brush effect. Clicking this field will popup a categorized list of 100s of brush effects to choose from.
  5. The brush effect envelope column defines how the brush effect will change over time or if it is static.
  6. The brush effect strength 10s column.
  7. The brush effect strength 1s column.
  8. The UI column field when clicked will bring up a dialog for setting User Interface Brush Control Settings.
  9. This column allows the dragging a brush effect column up or down.