Shaping the Blob Model

Once a basic shape is on your layer use the collection of shaping brushes to pull and push your shape simpler to working with clay.

Blob Shaping Brushes

1. The Blob Studio - Model ArtSet is selected.

2. The Blob Sub brushes are used to subtract or to erase material. When using a Blob Sub brush, the Opacity slider controls the subtraction strength.

3. The Blob Highlight brushes add highlights to the model.

4. The Blob Shadow brushes add shadows to the model.

5. The Blob Model brushes will allow you to change the outline of the object and its shape. The actual luminance of the object shading will also be altered.

6. The Blob Surface brushes will change the inside shading, but what is painted will remain unchanged.

7. The Blob Object brushes will modify not only the object shape and shading, but also what you have painted destructively.

Adjusting the opacity of the brush impacts the strength of the shaping or shading.

Shaping the Blob Model

After creating the base model with the Blob Add brushes, you can shape it with the different Sub and Shaping brushes. The process is similar to working with clay.

1. Select the Brush tool.

2. Select a Sub or Shaping brush.

3. Pull and push your shape to model it.

4. The Mirror / Symmetry brush controls are also available with these brushes.

Adjusting the Opacity of the brush impacts the strength of the shaping.