Choosing a File Format for Your Saved Images

When saving your work to an external file you will need to choose a file type. The three most import image file formats in TwistedBrush Pro Studio are JPEG, PNG and TBR.

  • BMP: A standard Windows image format. It is a lossless image format but not very efficient. Normally there are better choices.
  • EMF: A standard Windows image format. Generally you would not use this.
  • GIF: A standard web format. While it is lossless it is only 8 color bits per pixel and therefore not a good choice for richly colored images. For very low color image with large blocks of solid color this can be more efficient then PNG.
  • JPEG: A highly common image format for photos and artwork. It is a lossy file format which means it normally should only be used when no more edits are intended for the image. Such as when posting to the web. This is the preferred format when preparing an image for posting to the web. TwistedBrush Pro Studio saves JPEGs at an extremely high quality level.
  • PCX: An old format that is rarely used now.
  • PNG: This is a lossless format and is ideal for many purposes as a working interchange format between other applications. It supports transparency so is always great for save image objects.  (in TwistedBrush Pro Studio this is accomplished by keeping the background layer hidden). It is also the format of choice for saving graphic images such as logos for the web.
  • PSD: The Adobe Photoshop file format. TwistedBrush will store the image as a flattened image. This means the layer data will not be retained.
  • TBR: This is the native TwistedBrush Pro Studio file format. Images in the books are stored in this format as well you can export your images to your own files with this format. This is a lossless format with all layer and other TwistedBrush Pro Studio information retained. This is the best format for archiving your work.
  • TGA: A simple, yet still used in some places, lossless image file format.
  • TIFF: A format that still gets used frequently but in almost all cases PNG is a better choice.
  • WMF: A standard Windows image format. Generally you would not use this.