Introduction to Blob Modeling

The blob modeling allows for the creation of individual objects or whole scenes with their entire luminance values. The process is similar to modeling with a clay. With the Blob brushes you can model and shape your objects and then paint them with the included brushes with the results being crisp lines you might see in illustration software. 

The blob modeling in TwistedBrush Studio can be defined as 2.5D. The final result has 3D look, but it is still 2D. All objects can be easily exported and used in other software.

The blob modeling process consists of 6 steps:

  1. Setting up a Blob layer
  2. Creating the base model with the blob adding brushes
  3. Shaping the model with the blob shaping brushes
  4. Refining the model with the smoothing and surface brushes
  5. Adjusting the shadows and the highlights
  6. Painting the object with the blob paint brushes and textures