Bezier Curve Tool

The Bezier Curve tool is an auxiliary drawing tool that uses mathematical formulas to create curved lines or paths which can be easily transformed into painted shapes.

The Bezier Curve Tool

1. The Bezier Curve Tool

2. Anchor Point

3. Curve / Path

4. Line Mode - transforms the curves into straight lines

5. Stroke - applies paint over the curve

6. Save - saves the curve to a file for further use

7. Clear - clears the path and only the paint remains on the canvas

8. Load - loads previously saved path from a file


Use of the Bezier Curve Tool

1. Select the Bezier Tool from the Toolbar.

2. Click on the canvas three times to create the first three anchor points.

3. Drag to create the first curve.

4. To change the angle, click inside the anchor point and drag and stretch.

5. Click anywhere on the canvas to create a new anchor point.

6. To remove a point, press the Shift key and click inside the point with the left mouse button.

7. After creating your path, you can apply paint over it by clicking on the Stroke button. The currently selected brush and color will be used. As long as the Bezier curve is displayed on the canvas, you can add more paint using different brushes and colors.

8. To remove the Bezier curve, click on the Clear button.

Note: The image illustrates applied paint with the Pro Artist Paint Brush over the curve, after the curve has been removed with the Clear Button.

Line Mode

The line mode will turn the curves into straight lines. On the image is the same example from the previous 2 images with the line mode enabled.

1. Select the Bezier Curve Tool.

2. Check the Line Mode box

3. Click on the canvas to create the anchor points, drag and stretch to create the lines.

Note: You can switch the Line mode on and off at any time before, during or after the process.