Animation Guidelines

Here are some guidelines to make your animation construction more successful.

  • At this point the only elements that are animated are brushes.
  • Future enhancements may include filter effects, tool usage and layer fades across multiple pages.
  • Make use of the Page Up and Page Down keys to quickly switch frames. They auto repeat as well.
  • It is recommended that you start an animation in a new book at page 1.
  • Make use of the Page Explorer to help manage your frames for your animation.
  • It is recommended that page width be set to multiples of 8 since that is required for many codecs when saving to AVI. GIFs don't have that restriction.
  • The animated GIF saving is not optimized and will record each frame completely. The can result in large file sizes.
  • Current limit on the length of an animation is 1000 frames.
  • If planning to record to GIF it is recommended to stay at 10 frames per second or less.
  • When using particle brushes such as those found in the Pro Smoke and Gases ArtSet setting the flow rate to match your frames per seconds will give more controlled results.