About the Automation System

An experimental (early beta) version of the Automation system is integrated into TwistedBrush Pro Studio. The basic goal of the Automation system is to allow for control of TwistedBrush Pro Studio at the macro level for working with multiple pages and files.

Overview of the Automation System

The Automation system consists of 2 main parts. The Automation Server and the Automation Script player.

The Automation Server is integrated into TwistedBrush Pro Studio and sits waiting for commands and queries from an Automation Script.

The Automation Script Player, while is launched from within TwistedBrush Pro Studio is a separate application that runs scripts. Automation Player is part of the AutoIt Automation and Scripting Language package.

The AutoIt Automation and Scripting Language is a complete language and is installed as part of TwistedBrush Pro Studio. With it scripts can be written to control TwistedBrush Pro Studio to automate certain tasks. At the time of this writing only one script is included with TwistedBrush Pro Studio.

For most users there is no need to understand the scripting language as the common usage would be to just run scripts that were included with TwistedBrush Pro Studio or supplied from other users with programming knowledge.

In addition to the inclusion of the AutoIt package, extensions specific to TwistedBrush Pro Studio have been included to allow easy use of the Automation system.