Drawing Guide Tool

The Drawing Guide tool allows you to place up to 8 overlaid guides such as rulers, grids, perspective grids etc over your page.

  1. The Drawing Guide tool
  2. With this drop down list you select the guide number you want to set or edit. Up to 8 different guides can be set an any one time.
  3. The drop down list contains the type of guide you want, from rulers, grid snaps, perspectives etc.
  4. The coordinate fields here both act as a read out of current settings as well as the option to manually enter exact positions.
  5. When entering exact positions manually the Apply button must to clicked to use the values.
  6. Drawing guides can have up to 2 different colors. Those colors can be configured here.
  7. Use the Clear button to clear all the drawing guides.
  8. Here a Ruler drawing guide is set.
  9. A simple grid drawing guide is set.