Pan Tool

The Pan tool allows you to quickly move around your canvas without using the scroll bars.

  1. The Pan tool
  2. Click and drag to move your canvas.


Scroll bars are intentionally not used for panning when zooming into an image. They can be cumbersome to work with and significantly interfere when painting near the edge of a page. Without a scroll bar seamless painting at and off the edge of the page is supported. There are numerous ways to pan an image when zoomed in including:

1. Use the Page View Page panel for a mini view of the entire page.

2. Use the Pan tool to drag the page.

3. The Quick Command Panel also has dedicated panning buttons that can be enabled.

4. Use the Spacebar or the P key to immediately enable the Pan tool as long as the spacebar is held dragging on the page will pan it.

5. Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to shift the page.